Monday, October 29, 2018

AgeProof: Living Longer Without Running Out of Money or Breaking a Hip

Age Proof is written in a way that treats the audience like three year olds, and then asks them to behave like millionaires. Are they writing to people living paycheck to paycheck? Or are they writing to people that employee a cadre of assistants while they eat caviar on the beach? It is unclear. However, they do seem to feel they are above the audience they are writing to. (But what do you expect when one of the credentials is an expert on a TV show?)
They site the study where people preferred to have $50k when everyone else had $25k rather than $100k when everybody else had $200k. Their explanation was that people would rather "keep up with the Jonses". However, perhaps they just understand money as a relative indicator of value. $200 million zimbabwe dollars sounds a like a big number, but would be worth a lot less than $1 US dollar.
The advice seems to a be a hodge podge of various health and finance advice that is in fashion today. Much of the advice is justified by "science". However, many of the studies are of fairly preliminary nature. It attempts to be very prescriptive with specific bits of advice that are not necessarily compatible with each other. It would be interesting to see how this "advice" pans out in the long run. There are some good bits in there, but also plenty of things that will likely be proved detrimental in the future.

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