Friday, July 21, 2017

Artemis Fowl

Artemis Fowl is a rich kid that works in the underworld to kidnap a fairy. And he is the "good guy" in the book. He and his loyal servant, Butler, use a fairy kidnapping to collect ransom in order to restore his family's fortune. Fowl is one smart kid who is hatching elaborate plans to reach his means. The setting is version of our world where fantasy creatures (such as trolls, fairies and leprechauns) also inhabit. Fowl is well studied and uses his knowledge to obtain greater knowledge from the fairies which enables him to carry out the plan. A few things don't go as he expected, but he is able to recover via some ad-libbing on his and Butler's part. He takes some big gambles with his life in order to finish out his plan (though they did get some help from the captured fairy in the process.) The book thrives on storytelling and characters, along with suspenseful plot sequences. I did, however, have some difficulty getting involved with the overall plot and purpose.

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