Friday, November 18, 2016

Spirit Animals: Book 1: Wild Born

In Spirit Animals, Brandon Mull breaks from his typical "modern fantasy" approach and goes into pure fantasy. The world is somewhat similar to ours, with kingdoms that resemble China and other places, but it is clearly its own thing. People have the opportunity to summon "Spirit Animals" when they come of age. These are animals that have a connection to great people of the past. At the time of the story, there is a great calamity unfolding, so more spirit animals are summoned. The "Green Cloaks" are attempting to gather the great summoners together to help save the world. The kids that have summoned these animals are from a broad spectrum of society. One is an elite that are used to summoning animals. Another is an orphan who was surprised, yet saw it as a ticket out of trouble. They each have their doubts about what is going on, and even question whether they are on the side of the good guys or bad guys. Then the book ends, clearly waiting to be picked up in the next book of the series. Currently, this ranks as my least favorite of the Mull series. I prefer his books that attempt to connect to our modern world.

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