Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Rogue Knight: Five Kingdoms Book 2

The Rogue Knight continues where the first book in the Five Kingdom series left off. The "gang" goes on the quest to find the master shaper and work to "save the world". In the process they run into more people that had come from Earth, including some that our protagonist knew, as well as others that had disappeared at separate times. However, other than mentioning these other "earthlings", there is no connection to the real world.

The actual quest blurs into other works by Mull. (Some of the names sounded like those that were in the Beyonders series.) We are introduced to confidence lounges where everyone is in a disguise, and thus can freely share information. One of the bits of information that is shared is the story of the "Rogue Knight". This knight goes around challenging guardians to a duels and winning, thereby claiming their land for his rulership. He promptly lets the land free. We also meet a powerful being that can communicate through mind reading, but is trapped in this world from another world. He ends up providing the heroes some aid after they complete a quest.

The story held my interest, but had a few too many loose strands. The daughter of the high king is trying to find her sisters so they can get their power back. The boy from Mesa is trying to find his friends to get home. Another "kid" is trying to free his homeland. They are all tied together in this. However, to a reader, it feels like too many reasons, and not something that is barely important enough to care about.

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