Friday, October 28, 2016

Crystal Keepers: Five Kingdoms Book 3

Things continue in the Five Kingdom's series. Here they voyage into a kingdom of advanced technology. At one time a computer even managed to assume power. However, this computer was eventually subjugated.

In this book, the protagonists visit a technologically advanced kingdom. Everything is technology driven, with ID cards and money in the form of credits associated with the card. (The Kingdom even had a past history of a computer taking over. Luckily, it was subdued.)

Our heroes have met up with a number of additional "refugees" from our world. Most are here with various powers and living as slaves. Everyone in the "outskirts" has been brought from other worlds. However, many have lived there multiple generations and they now consider this their home.

The technology of this kingdom even has the ability to access the internet of our world. Alas, this leads to the depressing realization that people back home really do forget all about you. People have tried to send emails back (and even go back and visit home), but their closest friends and family have no recollection of them. (The protagonist, Cole, even discovers his older brother in the outskirts - but has no recollection of him, despite seeing him in old family pictures.)

There is plenty of action, including daring escapes and covert break ins. Some of it, however, feels a bit rushed. (They seem to resolve the problem as we are just beginning to understand the gravity of the situation.) Eventually, they reach a conclusion, and we are ready for the next book.

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