Wednesday, June 01, 2016

TS Eliot: Voice of the Poet

TS Eliot: Voice of the Poet is part of a series of recordings of poets reading their own work. However, TS Eliot died in 1965. The quality of recordings in his days was not what it is today. (Think scratchy vinyl.) It does seem nice to get a recording from the actual poet. Thus you can hear what the pronunciation and rhythm are really supposed to be. However, why does this matter? Part of the beauty of the printed word is that it leaves the interpretation up to the reader. And besides, even if this is how the poet said things, is this really how he thought when he wrote things down?

As for the poems, this were some of his greatest hits. They have there strong points. However, you might as well read them instead of listening to a CD of Eliot reading them.

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