Monday, April 28, 2014

Planet Thieves

This book felt like it should have ended multiple times. However at the last minute something comes up and prevents a conclusion. When it finally does end, it feels incomplete. Instead of ending, it just sets things up for a sequel.

As for the story, a boy tries to play a prank on his older sister. Only this seems to occur right as everyone is summoned for a major battle. Did I mention they were on a space ship? Some aliens were attacking them. The aliens and the earthlings both wanted the other planet to relieve their population pressure. However, the aliens have a trick up their sleeve and move earth itself to a different star system. The boy becomes a hero in various ways and ends up becoming in charge of the ship. He also discovers that the aliens look a lot like a friend of his - because the friend happens to be the king's daughter. They also discover that the aliens and humans descend from the same people. There are some other horrible beings that they barely manage to keep at bay.

Lots of stuff. It gets confusing at times. There are seeds of a good story, but it does not produce much fruit.

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