Tuesday, March 18, 2014

High Performance JavaScript

Since this book was written in 2010, a lot has changed (and a lot has remained the same.) There are some small tweaks outlined that help gain a few microseconds here and there. Alas, many of these were already being "tweaked" out of the browser as this book was written and are now fairly irrelevant. (The applications that would benefit the most are probably not even going to be able to run in Internet Explorer 6, thus making some of these fixes totally moot.) Other bits are, however, still relevant. I'd put it more on a continuum. Some things are pretty much not worth your effort today. Others are absolutely worthwhile. And in between there are plenty of ideas that may be good in special cases.

The book includes chapters written by a number of different co-authors. Many of these authors were working at Yahoo! - back when Yahoo! was a strong innovative company. (There is still some innovation going on at Yahoo! Alas, it seems the ratio of innovation to "junk" has been decreasing.) Each author has his own style.

This book is a good candidate for a "new version" that spends some more time on algorithm enhancements, and particular areas of improvement.

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