Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Data Structures and Algorithms with JavaScript

I was hoping this would be a nice advanced JavaScript programming book that would cover implementing common algorithms and data structures in JavaScript. Alas, it is instead geared towards the beginner college student. The coding examples all seem to "work" as stand alone exercises. However, they are coded in a global style that would not allow them to be extended. They use an "Easy to read" object-oriented style that flies in the face of best practices. Many also seem to reinvent the wheel. (Why create a meta-list structure that merely duplicates the pop and push operations found native on an array?)

The algorithms are also quite basic without going into great detail or even providing optimal implementations.

A much better place to look for algorithms and data structures in JavaScript is the Computer Science in JavaScript series of posts by Nick Zakas.

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  1. Thanks for the pro tip. Nick Zakas is great. Do you have any sources on building apis in javascript?