Thursday, February 06, 2014

The Voice from the Edge, Vol. 2: Midnight in the Sunken Cathedral

The stories in this collection range from "hard" science fiction, to mob revenge tales. He takes some interesting twists on common speculative fiction topics.

One story is about an alien ship lands in time square. We learn about it through the point of few of a Carny who is trying to think of ways to make a buck. He thinks this is the greatest thing, and uses his connections to get close. Eventually, the aliens start to put on a regular "performance." He sells snacks, provides comfortable seating and produces programs. He does everything people need to feel "comfortable" with the performance. In the twist at the end, the aliens cease to become starving artists.

One story has a mafiosa extract revenge for his sister's death by drawing blood on his enemy then letting rats have him. Ugghh. That does not sound comfortable.

We also get Atlantis being under the sea and being Mars, but not the Mars that we know. Sure. Sounds like an interesting conjecture, but stretches things just a wee too much.

A few stories get some commentary. Alas, these were some of my least favorite stories.

There is some good writing here, spanning a few different genres. However, it does get a little dark, and never quite becomes "great".

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