Monday, January 13, 2014

One Click: Jeff Bezos and the Rise of

One Click is a "pop biography" of Bezos. It provides a concise biography of Bezos and a history of his company. While it does provide some childhood background on Bezos, it seems to be rather shallow in his portrayal as a person. We get a lot of "facts" of a guy who was a bright programmer who decided to start his own company. He made lists, analyzed and calculated what would be the best field to go in, and where would be the best place to locate the company. This makes Amazon the alternative to many other Silicon Valley start ups that seem to start with the engineering first. Amazon seems to be a business foremost, with some good technology behind it. The "appearance" is important. (It wants an ethos of "cheap" even if it is spending more money to do so.)

The book provides a quick, easy to read introduction to the company and the founder. There are some views of people that feel they have been "used" by Amazon, but little hard-hitting commentary on the company or its influences. There are also few details on its growth. The major new fields and growth are covered, but the reason or background are missing.

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