Monday, January 13, 2014


Energized is a Russia-American spy thriller set in a near-future science fiction universe. The Arab's have nuke their oil fields wrecking havoc on energy supplies. The world is trying rapidly to produce alternative energy sources, however, it is slow moving. Russia with its oil supplies has emerged the big winner. Meanwhile a space object slipped out of its orbit and started coming towards earth. Through some manipulation this was made to be a second moon. It provided an ideal base for harvesting the sun's energy and beaming it back to earth. This could be a solution to the energy needs of the planet. However, there are environmental concerns. These come to a head when some "terrorists" manage to gain control and start beaming down energy on alternate power sources to destroy them. Our protaganist just happened to be on a mission there at the time and is able to help defeat the bad guys with the help of his new girlfriend and the guy who secretly sent the moon there in the first place. The restore everything, make the world safe and make sure the Russian bad guy is zapped by his own medicine. Now more energy will be available and people will be free to continue their conspicuous consumption. (As an aside, it is mentioned that if we just reduced some of the excess consumption, none of this would be needed.)

It is a fairly conventional thriller plot wrapped in a cautionary tale of the environment. It comes down squarely on the side of rapid new technology as the solution for energy problems. However, it does caution against over-dependence on a single source of power - especially when it is controlled by less-than-desirable entities.

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