Friday, September 20, 2013

The discards are undefeated

Andy Reid had one of the best records as a Philadelphia Eagles coach. He had one bad season (that happened to be when his son died.) He was promptly canned.
Alex Smith was a #1 draft pick who suffered through a number of different coaches and coordinators. He finally found a good coach in Jim Harbaugh and was having a career season. He had a concussion, his backup played great, and he lost his starting job.
Both these two ended up in Kansas City where they are now off to a 3-0 season. The Eagles with their hot-shot coach are 1-2. The 49ers are currently 1-1.
In his games, Alex Smith has not been a "hot shot" player that single-handedly wins games. However, he is great game manager who does not lose games. His skill is just what a great defensive team. (San Francisco, alas, lost to Seattle, thanks in part to 3 interceptions and a lost fumble. Perhaps with Smith and his "game management", the 49ers would have handled that game.)
I've never been a Kansas City fan, but now it is nice to see the "discards" succeed. They already have a better record than last season, and are the "feel good" story of the season. (The 49ers have a DUI in addition to the loss.)

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