Sunday, May 26, 2013

Notre Dame quarterback booted

Notre Dame's quarterback has left the school. The stories imply that there was some sort of academic or resident life violation. There doesn't seem to be any relevant police report, so we may actually assume he was booted for not being a good student. Imagine that. Colleges often bend over backwards to keep their athletes. The great ones seem to make it back after getting nice sized criminal rap sheets. And academics? Well, as long as they play football, who cares?

It is refreshing to see a school require athletes to behave somewhat like real students. Perhaps this can help the NCAA as athletes are trying to claim they are "professionals" employed by the university.

Now we just have to see what impact it has on the school. The starting quarterback was booted. Another heir apparent had transferred to another school. After the Manti Te'o mess and the debacle of the BCS championship game, wouldn't it be a Hollywood ending if this new team came back and won it all? (Or better yet if they lost a close one to Stanford...)

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