Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Zita the Spacegirl

The Zita graphic novels are fun, well-drawn stories about a girl who accidentally saves the planet. The "fun" art differs from the "intense" art common in graphic novels and makes for a more likable story.

At the start, Joseph and Zita find a small button. After pressing it, Joseph is zapped to another world. Zita then goes to rescue him. On the way she meets a bunch of other characters, including aliens, robots and a giant-sized mouse. With these friends she is able to eventually rescue the planet from imminent destruction and free Joseph. But she doesn't make it home.

In the next book, she is a celebrity, but getting tired of it. She runs in to a robot that tries to be like her, and uses it to escape to watch the circus. Unfortunately, she misses her space flight and steels a ship to try to catch it. Now she is an outlaw. However, she manages to save another world (with the help of her robot clone.) She still has not made it home.

The story is easy to read, and there are plenty of scenes told entirely in pictures. This book is appealing to everyone, including early readers, advanced readers and adults.

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