Saturday, April 27, 2013

NCAA money

College football and the NCAA has too much money. Look at all the new uniforms that teams are churning out. Sure, these are often paid for by the uniform companies. But this still has a cost. Coaches salaries are in the multi-million dollars. Money goes to fund practice facilities, weight rooms, recruiters, etc.

What if a team were able to compete in top tier football the old fashioned way. They can hire a head coach for $100,000. They'll work out in the same places that other students work out. Recruiting? Well, they'll recruit from the student body. Stadium? Here we can have a basic stadium. A whole bunch of bleachers for people to stand/sit on. We can save off the fancy stuff. All the Tv money can go to fund more scholarships for people.

Instead, things seem to be going in the opposite direction. People are asking for players to be able to be paid. And why not? How about doing a European soccer club approach? Have colleges license this football out to the NFL, with each NFL team getting a few former college teams as lower tier farm clubs. Or better yet, just let them license themselves out and compete in their own league. They could pay a licensing fee to the university to use the name. However, they would be semi-pro players. Perhaps they could also arrange for an expansion of the NFL, with the top 4 college teams going into the NFL. The next year, the worst NFL teams drop to "college" and the top college teams go to NFL. (Alabama would probably stay in the NFL for a while...) Schools could go back and create their own football team and compete with local schools.

Imagine college football teams that actually mirror and are part of the student body. Weird.

Instead, we have sports chasing money from TV. Will this last? Or are operators massively overbidding because sports is the only thing they understand that can get them traditional live viewers. If TV tires of college sports, then we could see massive changes in the current situation. Will it happen? We will see.

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