Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Good and Bad

Another long airplane flight, so another chance to watch a whole bunch of movies while I can't get in more than a few minutes of sleep.

Good: Katy Perry: Part of Me movie. It was fun and colorful. It made her seem like a normal person who liked to entertain. The energetic music and outlandish costumes added to the experience. The testimonials of people who felt Katy helped them accept themselves as "different" didn't quite fit, but they were only brief.
Bad: Katy Perry music. After watching the music, I went back and Spotified some of her music. Uggh. A few good bits, but mostly sounds like a teenager trying to be "different like everybody else". And she's nearly 30.

Good: Return of the Pink Panther - Peter Sellars is the master of slapstick. His bumbling detective manages to solve the case in spite of himself.
Bad: Ace Ventura: Pet Detective - Jim Carrey's slapstick is straight from the toilet and downright tedious. You also wish he would at least try to impersonate a real person.

Good: Skyfall James Bond movie where Bond goes through elaborate stunts to help protect his boss from a crazy.
Bad: Bodyguard Kevin Costner tries to protect Whitney Houston from a crazy. Boring.

In between: Love for Beginners - A Japanese film about a "lady's man" who takes up a dare to seduce a nerdish girl. She initially rejects his overtures, but eventually they fall in love, and she finds her true self. Stylistically it is great, but the store would have been more powerful if it would have ended with her desired marriage instead of a caving to his physical overtures.

In between: Alice in Wonderland - It is Tim Burton. It can't be too bad. I watched it in a middle of a long flight, and had trouble staying awake for the first part. (Was it boring, or was it the flight? I think it was a bit of both.) The characters and the physical humor were great. (but, I did get annoyed with the white queen.

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