Monday, April 08, 2013

A Good GPS app for android

I have used Runkeeper for a few months. It worked. However, it was buggy. It would occasionally crash and it seemed to be slow to respond. The audio cues are nice, but the voice is so slow it becomes obnoxious. It automatically uploads to the website. However, it makes you click an extra button after finishing to actually save the workout. (And it can often hang for a while doing this.) However, you have to pay to get full summaries online. (You can get individual workout details without paying.) You also have to pay if you want to see the total time and distance for a day. (You can see one for free.)

MyTracks by Google seems ok. However, it can also be sluggish. The audio cues are in a robot voice, but they are faster and music is stopped when they are given. It can send things to google. It will update the tracks in a google spreadsheet. However, the only way to do it is by uploading individual tracks. It also seems to have a crashing problem. On the bright side, it seems to have an API.

Endomondo is an iphone app converted to Android. It would be nice if they would at least think to use the menu button to bring up the menu. (There is a small little iphone-ish link that needs to be used.)  It has a nice big "start" button that switches to a "pause" button when going. When it is paused there is also a small "stop" that appears to stop. The start/stop process seems a little better and more responsive than the other apps. However, the app itself seems to have some bloat. It has "frozen" up my phone a couple times when running. (All music stops and the app itself also stops recording, and never seems to start again.) The free app also has some annoying ads. The audo cues are perhaps the best of the three.

A few decent apps, but too much bloat. Perhaps it is time to right a new one?

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