Saturday, March 16, 2013

Breaking Dawn 2

I saw the first Twilight movie. I read all the books. Breaking Dawn 2, however, was just plain bad. As a stand-alone movie it makes no sense at all. The film expects that you've seen the earlier movies and know everything that happened and what all the characters are up to. Even then, the events don't make a whole lot of sense. Why do the characters react in seemingly bizarre ways? Why does Alice run away? And what is the whole point of the passports? There is just not quite enough clue to bring all these things together.

What else? The Slavic accents of the Romanians also annoyed me. If they have lived for 3000 years, you think they would be able to talk without a Russian-sounding accent. The many beheadings were also annoying. (Hello! Your target audience is the no-longer-quite-so-young girls that want to see all the cute guys. Do they really want to see all that gore?)

The whole movie just feels dirty and slimy. The characters all have sour faces and seem to be just there to collect a paycheck and go off to party.

I'm glad this series is finally over.

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