Friday, February 15, 2013


[from June 2009] This book, extolling an "open source" world, was based on unpublished proprietary research. That helps to sum up the fine line that it attempts to draw. Free open collaboration is helpful in the world. However, there is still a need to make money.
In the heyday of the web 2.0 bubble (say, early 2008), this book would appear to be on the forefront of great paradigm shifts. Now it appears to be almost as one of the late 90's author proclaiming a 'new economy' right before the dot com bubble burst.
To be fair, it is not so one-sided, and it does point out the limits of the "wiki workplace". However, those are buried deep below what would otherwise be a "workplace 2.0" religious tract.
The "collaborative workplace" case studies presented are quite interesting. However, the "theory" around them gets extremely repetitive and very slow moving. This is a book just begging for a good abridgment.

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