Monday, February 18, 2013

The Fellowship of the Ring (The Lord of the Rings, Book 1)

[August 2009] I must confess that I have never been a Tolkein fan. I have tolerated C.S. Lewis, but the Tolkein works never had much appeal (in spite of hearing many friends rave about The Hobbit.) Now that the Lord of the Rings series has became a mega movie blockbuster, I decided I should try to tackle the book. Alas, the book (and the movie) still do not have much appeal.

I found the book to be rather tedious. Some sections seemed to detail numerous characters that I could not keep them straight. I also became rather annoyed with the different 'accents' and 'songs' the narrator used in the recording. Perhaps for somebody that is already familiar with the story, this would be a nice way to go over it again. However, if you don't know it well, prepare to get lost.

Apparently, Tolkein may have once written in the preface to Lord of the Rings that "Some who have read the book, or at any rate have reviewed it, have found it boring, absurd, or contemptible; and I have no cause to complain, since I have similar opinions of their works, or of the kinds of writing that they evidently prefer." Now I just need to hunt down more of the works that Tolkein disliked.

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