Friday, February 15, 2013

Of Paradise and Power

[July 2009]The principal thesis is that America and Europe have different world views, and thus cannot be expected to agree on foreign policy. His view is that America is the strongest military power, and thus tries to use this to its advantage. For Europe, there is less military power (and less desire for military power), thus there primary goal is for peace and social benefit. He also sees Europe as being able to afford the "peace" because of the great military power of the United States that will help maintain world order.

The arguments seem fairly sound, presenting a more balanced view of the neo-con argument. Since this book was written during the Iraq invasion, some of the arguments on currents are not very applicable. This is not all bad, since they often discuss the "reasons" for acting. These "legitimate" reasons are still valid today.

Perhaps the greatest weakness is the lack of attention played to countries outside of Europe and the US. Scant mention is given of Asia, even though they are amassing more power in the world today.

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