Friday, February 15, 2013

Don't Eat This Book

[July 2009] In this book, the author takes a very cynical view of the fast food industry (and especially McDonalds.) As could probably be guessed from the cover shot, the tone is very casual informal. The author reads the audiobook himself, and makes it much more entertaining than a typical dry book narration. The book itself is also organized in an almost magazine like manner, with sidebars and chapters that can just about be read alone.

My primary complaint is that there is very little original material. I had already seen the movie and read many of the authors that he quotes. Filter all that out, and the original material was down to a lot of cynicism and a few anecdotes - most relating to the production of the movie.

For somebody that has not read Fast Food Nation, Michael Pollan and the others referenced here, this book would be a great introduction to the underbelly of our fast food culture - and a good starting point for many other works. Otherwise, time is probably better spent watching his movie Super Size Me.

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