Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Keeping Settings

After taking some pictures on my phone, I noticed that many of them were taken at super-low resolution. I never remembered switching it to the low-res. Yet, somehow it seemed to happen when I take a lot of pictures that I wish were at higher resolution. Similarly, I noticed that sometime, the geotagging would turn off. (And this seems to always be when I am taking pictures to "remember" certain locations. Uggh!)

I think I finally figured out the issue.

The phone was being smart and "remembering" the settings - even when I did not want it to remember.

The low-res issue seemed to occur after I switched to the front-facing camera. The camera is of lower resolution, so the highest resolution is the "super low res". Alas, while the camera switches to low-res after switching to the front camera, it doesn't switch back to high-res after going to the rear camera.

The GPS issue was similar. If I turn off the GPS, the camera seems to see that the GPS is off and turns off geotagging. However, it does not turn it on when geotagging is turned back on.

How could you resolve these issues?

GPS could be resolved by adding an "unavailable" state. If the GPS is off, it just says "unavailable", but leaves the geotagging feature on. When it comes back on, it turns back on. If you explicitly turn off the GPS, then it could stay off.

For the camera, it is a little trickier. An easy way would be to allow each camera to have its own resolution setting. That way you could have one at middle, one at low, or whatever you want. Another simple option would be to allow "max" resolution. That way, no matter what the resolution is, the camera will always take the picture with the best possible resolution.

Are there any better alternatives?

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