Monday, November 12, 2012

Star Trek (2009)

Hmm. This seems to be a simple formula. Take some popular old movie with a built in audience. Fill it with a young cast and make sure it has plenty of action.
Thus we get Star Trek, stripped of most of its Geekdom, and made in to another teen movie.
Like many "reboots", this one is an "origins" movie. It follows Capitan Kirk and Spock as they are young kids who find there way to the USS enterprise. We also see many of the other Enterprise Crew (such as Scottie) as youth. Does this origen fall in line with what is in place with the other movies and TV show? It doesn't matter. Conveniently, the opening of the movie is a time traveling Romulan ship that appears and ends up leading to the death of Kirk's father, right before Kirk was born. History has been altered, so the the movie is free to do whatever it wants.
This Romulan mining ship saw the destruction of its world. The captain is mad at Spock because he wasn't able to save the world. So, he drills to the core of Vulcan and drops something to destroy Spock's world, while forcing Spock to watch. Then he will try to destroy earth. And that and the time travel paradox is about all the science you have. Not much here in area of nerd fest. However, we do have lots of fist fights. Kirk gets beat up, choked, and falls multiple times in the movie. If he were a football player, he'd be forced to sit out the rest of the season. So much for using modern technology.
While a Trekkie would probably tell you this is not "real" Star Trek film, the movie itself is not all bad. It is fairly engaging, though the characters do appear a little flat, with the plot turns seeming to be forced rather than following naturally.

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