Friday, November 09, 2012

Do androids dream of electric sheep?

This novel is more commonly known by the name of the movie based on it, "Bladerunner". It centers around a "bounty hunter" who kills androids that are living among humans in a dystopian world.

A bounty hunter kills 6 androids in a day, but feels bad because he liked one of the android girls. However, with the money he gets, he hopes to be able to buy an animal. The world has suffered an environmental catastrophe. Thus, even ordinary farm animals are highly sought after. Electric animals are used in some sense to fill the gab. But, they are viewed as inferior.

The world that could create "electric" animals, also created "electric humans." These androids were initially supposed to focus primarily on areas of hard labor on remote colonies. However, some of them sneak back to earth to attempt to make a life there.

The novel can be confusing at times, and can be hard to tell what he is after (environment? Capital punishment? Morals? Consumerism?) You can even see a parallel to the United States immigration situation. The country loves to be able to reap the benefits of cheap labor from 3rd world countries, but doesn't want those people to dare take up residence in the US.

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