Friday, November 09, 2012

A Galaxy Trilogy

This audiobook had three "classic" science fiction novels. It is interesting reading these old books, and occasionally hearing fantastic events that take place in what is now the past. Even though they portray fantastic, futuristic events, they are clearly dated in the era when they were written.

"The Day the World Stopped" deals with the fears of a nuclear holocaust. Hot-button rulers are ready to destroy each other. The only way that they are stopped is by alien intervention that shuts down all technology and manages to enforce world peace. The aliens remind me of those from the Simpsons. They appear similar to humans, yet have a general naivety. It seems that the author thought the current global situation hopeless, and only through external intervention could we save our world.

"Druids World" was less straightforward. The world is advanced, yet pre-technological. The wars are fought on boats. There is a connection between the world and earth of today. There are also "polymorphs" that are bad creatures that inhabit the bodies of people and can seem to retain a young age. Battles break out. People decide to do things. I had trouble maintaining interest.

"Star Ways" was even tougher. There were some nomads and some ships and they did something. Uh. Yawn.

Well, one good one out of three. I guess it works.

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