Monday, July 18, 2011


Take a run-of-the-mill story, animate it with ants, and voila, you have a blockbuster. Unfortunately, underneath it is still not much to reccomend.
In Antz, a worker ant feels that the conformist life of an ant is not for him. It just so happens that the princess ant happens to be slumming one night, runs in to him and he finds himself hooked. He chases her down, runs off with her to insectopia, and eventually they grow to like each other. They come back just in time to save the ant colony from the destruction instigated by the princesses fiancee. Everything finally works out in part by the ants ability to work together. Wait, wasn't the goal supposed to be to think independently? This isn't the only sort of confusion. At times, it seems to be geared towards kids, then it tries to get serious and throw in some bad language in attempt to attract adults, or perhaps throw in some toilet humor to attract "older kids". In the end it just makes for a bad movie.

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