Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Rome, Inc., The Rise and Fall of the First Multinational Corporation

Rome, Inc. is part business book, part history, part comedy. The author writes of ancient Rome as if it were a contemporary business. He spends a lot of time on facts and events that support his thesis, while quickly passing over ones that are not so valuable.
Rome must continually expand by using "hostile" takeovers. However, after taking over other "operations", it quickly integrates them in to corporation by offering them the "full benefits" of citizenship. After time, management gets complacent and in need of a firebrand to shake things up.
The book is no real history, though it does delve in to detail on a few historical events. It is more a comedy exercise on "how do you fit A in to B". As such, it does a moderately good job. It does suffer from tone inconsistency - at times trying to break the jocular tone with serious observations. It also suffers from excessive "name dropping" of business leaders (both real and fictional).

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