Tuesday, February 08, 2011

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

The original Swedish title would be more accurately translated as "Men Who Hate Women". That title more accurately describes the book. It is gruesome, yet a page turner. The story itself has a number of intertwined plotlines. There were a few minor plotlines that seemed primarily to build characters (leaving plot threads opened.) The plot centers around a journalist who lost a libel lawsuit. He was recruited by an old man to uncover the decades-old mystery of his missing niece. The journalist ends up getting involved with a private-detective firm and its freelance ace, Lisbeth ("the girl with the dragon tattoo") Things jumble around and all sorts of disgusting things happen, and eventually things seem to come to a logical end. But, then it goes on, and a few more seemingly tangential plot threads are carried out to their conclusion. Then it really ends. Even in the book's world of dystopian amorality, the "good guys" win out.

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