Thursday, April 22, 2010

iPod annoyances

1) The lame-o accelerometer does not work very well. I find myself performing all sorts of shaking and maneuvering just to get it to face the direction I'm actually looking at displaying. To make matters worse, half the times it seems to crash when its in the wrong display. D'oh!
The displays are also totally different.

2) "Updating library". After syncing it spends a few minutes "updating the library". I can't find anything that says what it is doing, not any way to disable this. What is the point? Even worse, it seems to do this if I connect it to a computer without actually doing any syncing.

3) Apps take forever to sync. They also are a pain to get rid of. I downloaded a bunch of free lonely planet city guides. I decided I did not want them to take up the space any longer. But I'd already started syncing an update. I unchecked them and resynced. Only, they got 'rechecked' at the end of the sync. D'oh! And then it took forever to delete them.

4) Crashes seem to loose the state of the iPod. If I am listening to an audiobook and it crashes, the audiobook position gets totally lost. I have to dig through tracks to try to find the proper position.

Come on Apple. Just get the things you have to work! Its a pain waiting for hours just to be able to get back to listening.

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