Thursday, April 08, 2010

Earthfall: Homecoming IV

Earthfall stands alone much better than the first three books in the homecoming series. It still moves along at a rather slow pace, but it does leave behind some of the tedium of the elaborate city life that Card has constructed in the other books in the series. In this book, they go on a space ship to earth and encounter the two sentient life forms on earth.

As with the other novels in the series, Card injects plot elements from some "adventures" in the Book of Mormon to an elaborate sci-fi narrative. It almost works. However, there are often little incompatibilities with the plot points and the universe he has created that cause problems. (If the "starmaster" can see everyone's thoughts, why couldn't he have seen the thoughts warning him of potential danger from his brother? And why the sudden interest in recording things on plates of gold?)

The flora and fauna of earth 40 million years in the future also could provide plenty of avenues for exploration. The encounters with the two sentient forms (diggers and angels) seems almost too brief.

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