Monday, July 24, 2006

Bureaucratic = Car by default

I saw a copy of the "Borregas bridge plan". It contained 100s of pages describing a plan to build two simple pedestrian bridges to reconnect what had once been a continuous road. In it were a number of pages of the 'researcher' trying to find information on any nearby Indian burial site. Sure it may be worthwhile to identify those sites to prevent disturbing them. However, it may be a little late. The freeway is already in existence, and the road had been there many years prior. However, perhaps there are some important sites 15 feet in the air that may be disturbed by the new bridge. Yes that could be a legitimate concern.

However, what would happen if they found some sites on the ground there? Would they actually shut down the freeways? Or would they demolish a few homes to reroute the freeway around those sites?

The great freeway project has been built. It cut off the access for the street. Now to restore access it takes years, millions of dollars, and mounds of senseless paperwork. If only they would get it right the first time...

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