Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Free valet parking at BART

BART is offering free valet parking at the Pleasant Hill station.
So at this station, the cost of BART to provide parking likely exceeds the cost that to provide a trip.
So, instead of paying $3.00 to park in Walnut creek, you can drive to Pleasant Hill, get free valet parking, and spend $2.80 to take part to Walnut creek.

Walnut Creek is considering raising their parking costs so the value may be even greater.

The problem with parking at transit stations is that it likely results in worse traffic conditions:
1) Instead of driving a short distance on local roads to get to the freeway to continue a trip, transit users, drive a longer distance on local roads to get to the transit station.
2) Parking space at the transit station consumers space that could be used by other uses (close-to-transit housing, retail, offices, etc.)
3) Congestion at the transit station also make it more inconvenient for non-drivers, increasing the likelihood that they will drive.
4) Increased drivers on local roads make conditions worse for pedestrians and bicyclists, thus increasing the likelihood that they will drive instead biking or walking, thus making traffic even worse.

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