Thursday, September 04, 2014

Catch the Lightning

Meh. A girl moves from the Mayan homeland to Los Angeles and gets mixed up with physics students and gang bangers. The toughs try to take advantage of her and kill her friends. Then she runs into a mysterious dude who causes her to run into the same issues on an intergalatic imperial scale. She marries the guy and they have some narrow escapes before somehow surviving.

The story had a few distinct divisions. There were numerous places where it felt like it could have been all wrapped up. Then something would come and it would get all wound up again. When it did finally end it seemed abrupt and left you wondering, "huh?"

The author seemed intent on showing off scientific knowledge that didn't help the story. The main character was a Mayan girl who moved to LA and had her family destroyed by gang members. Oh, and she happened to have a bunch of friends at Cal Tech who would spout off all sorts of advanced theoretical physics to explain things. Ok. I get it. You try to contrast a couple very different worlds. It was cool for a bit. But when they keep going on about the physics of time travel and other things, it just starts to get old. We really don't care. And the character of the protagonist doesn't seem to care either. It just seems like a bunch was interjected into the story to make it "hard" science fiction. Does it hurt the story if you take it out? Nope, it doesn't. Axe it.

Then there is the smutty romance. Too much information. We even get extreme responses. A bad guy gets drugged up and rapes her, so they end up nuking his entire planet. Extreme punishment, right? Oh well.

This book is simply a bad book. The story gets sidetracked with pointless junk. The characters are not well developed. There are a few interesting ideas, but they are just not executed well. This is a book well worth skipping.

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